Jean McMullen
bringing watercolor to life

About Me

My Background


I taught Art in the Ritenour School District for 25 years and retired in 2008. I hold a master’s plus in Secondary Art Education from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. My mediums are watercolor and collage. My work is in juried fine art fairs across the Midwest and  held by many private individuals and corporations. My wine collages are held by individuals and wineries across the country.  

I  teach watercolor classes.  I have been a judge for The Best of Missouri Hands (Missouri Artisans Association), the Queeny Art Show and art groups in the St. Louis area.  I am a Best of Missouri Hands juried artist, Greater St. Louis Art Association Juried artist and a signature member of the St. Louis Watercolor Society. Presently I am the owner of Missouri Artists on Main Gallery in St. Charles, MO.

My Medium


Watercolor has always been my passion. Since I have a degree in Art, I’ve had the opportunity to try all mediums. In college, watercolor wasn’t offered. A few years after I began teaching, I took a beginning watercolor course. That was it! I was hooked. The flow of the paint and the surprise of how the colors mingled have kept my interest through all the years I have been painting. When I was teaching I would paint at night. The first thing I did in the morning (even before coffee!) was to see my painting. It either made my day or it gave me the challenge of thinking of ways to improve the painting before I worked on it that night! 

I'm happy to do commissions in either watercolor or mixed media.  You will have a memorable fine art piece.  Contact me for prices.

My Classes

Watercolor classes are held on  Monday and Wednesday afternoons and on Wednesday evening at Missouri Artists On Main Gallery, St. Charles, MO.  Call to sign up at 636-724-1260. 

Supply list:


alizarin crimson, cadmium red , cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue,  yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber


round #8, #12

flat 1/2"

cold press #140 watercolor paper

paper towels, bucket, pallet, pencil, spray bottle, salt, masking tape, masking fluid

In the beginning, student grade paper and paints are welcome.  After you have been painting for awhile, I recommend professional grade paints and papers.